What the FAQ?!

But what is Birds, Nerds and Turds exactly?

It’s a game, a playing card game, a pack made up of 52 cards. Some Birds, some Nerds and some are yes Turds, you got it! And yes is a physical product, an actual pack of cards!

It is also composed of 4 different ways to play the game and quite a few statements.

What does the Bird do?

So Birds, Nerds and Turds are a way to vote on the statements, lets say you turn a statement about how easy is to get things done, then everyone votes with either of the choices, so if many…

  • …’Turds’ on the table well ‘we clearly have to improve’ then is to discuss what’s the 1 thing the team is ready to try to improve it.
  • …’Nerds’ that’s good stuff, we should keep doing what we doing about it, even discuss what makes it work so well.
  • …’Birds’, it’s neither here nor there, so a question for the team then may be: how can it become a ‘Nerd’?.
  • if mix feelings, then is a good place to see the reasons of discrepancies and how to come together as a team to make things better for everyone.

Is it only available via Amazon UK/Europe?

Define ‘only’.
We can arrange one-off shipments if you ping us the details. We can of course then generate an invoice for you. You can do so here, including a request for print of bespoke cards with your logo.

What People Say

Brilliant idea to bring life to retrospectives! Good quality cards, great concept, can’t wait to use them!

Amazon Review

The different angle it gave to the retro led to some very interesting insights (and actions related to that)! I absolutely ❤️ the game!!!

Michaël De Feyter – DevOps Engineer

A unique and interactive way to facilitate retrospective meet-ups for teams. The cards are engaging and brings out the best in you.

Anirban Mitra – Marketing Cloud Developer

Get your team to inspect, reflect, self-assess & have a laugh!